apps I can't live without

I was an early iPad convert. Initially my thinking was along the lines of "I can't see how it could replace my laptop, and what would I use it for." Now like so many other people, I use my iPad more than any other computer.

To make an iPad really useful you have to have useful apps. So I'm going to try and maintain a list of the apps that I can't live without.
And I promise there will be no rants about games. I'll leave that to those with nothing better to do.

App number 1. Remoter Pro
This provides reliable Remote Desktop, VNC, Ssh (although The current version has a keyboard issue with symbols).
It supports opening a ssh tunnel then running vnc or RDP through the tunnel.

App number 2. iSSH
This used to be my number 1app but remoter pro does vnc and RDP better. I still use this app for reliable ssh sessions and for creating an encrypted tunnel to run other apps through.

App number 3. Docs to go
MS word and excel compatible. Need I say more.

App number 4. Letter opener
This little app opens those annoying win.dat attachments. I get quite a few of these and although the gmail client app will seamlessly open win.dat files, I don't like the way the gmail mail client doesn't let you chose which app to view your attachments with.

App number 4. iAnnotate
This does everything you could ever imagine with PDF files.

App number 5. SQLServer
A great SQL Server client. Connects directly into the database and let's you run queries, edit, delete, and add records. Nice easy interface.

App number 6. iFiles
A very handy file accessing tool. Supports lots of network connection protocols.

App number 7. Remote (for apple iTunes, just got a Zeppelin air so this app is a must )

Old site hacked to bits

Well I guess it was going to happen one day. It was the Clasic mechanics car scenario. While I was busy looking after other people's systems I neglected my own. Updates were almost never done and changing passwords...... Well lets just say I was busy.

So you can imagine my surprise when I noticed my email had stopped coming in (email was hosted on the same server as the web site. You know many eggs and 1 basket).

When I managed to get a hold of the company that hosted my virtual server, to find out what had happened. They immediately said "Didn't you get my email?" Oh the embarrassment when I had to explain about my hosting methods.

Anyway to cut a long story short, the only option was to accept that my hacked system was dead and buried and that a fresh start was needed.

I was lucky really because I no longer had anything of real value on the web server. That's if you call a hand crafted online shop for selling software, no real value.

What I have decided to do is to use to host the web site and use google/gmail to host the email.
Obviously I want to keep my domain and all of the email accounts that go with it. From what I've read, this can be done via gmail using google app admin.

I'll post my progress and any issues I run into.